Believe it or not your dentist might be able to help with your snoring problems.

The dentist can help by making a dental device that is custom fit for your mouth and is worn during the night while you are sleeping. How they work is they stop the lower jaw from falling back during sleep which stops the snoring. When the device is in place it actually brings the jaw forward as well as the tongue. This also stops the tongue from falling back in the throat area. This eliminates any obstructions and lessens your chances of snoring.

One of the benefits of wearing this type of advice is that you would not have to endure any invasive surgery. The device only has to be worn during sleep time and although it does have a few side effects they are mild in comparison to not getting enough proper rest. This device is called NORAD which stands for Nocturnal Oral Airway Device. While the device seems to be making a lot of snorers and their bed partners much happier you should be forewarned that the device costs every bit of a thousand dollars, maybe a little more.

NORAD Sounds Like Secret Government Stuff!

This appliance or device as many call it does not require the dentist to make impressions of your teeth but rather it is more of a boil and mold type appliance. It is usually made available right away with no waiting period. While you are wearing it at night you would still have full jaw movement and it is said to be quite comfortable. You can order a custom made NORAD too but in either case the device is said to last for about three years with proper care.

Many people who have invested in the NORAD device have claimed that the snoring has completely stopped but if a night comes where they may forget to insert it, the snoring does return. The perfect candidate for this appliance would be a snorer that has mild to moderate sleep apnea and sometimes, if you are lucky, your insurance will cover it. You are sure to feel much more refreshed in the morning and likely your bed partner will too.