Security And Private Detective Agency


We offer a wide range of Security and Private Investigative services.  We are licensed by the State of New Jersey as both a Security Agency as well as a Private Detective Agency.  Our leadership staff is comprised of former New Jersey State Troopers, former and current Municipal Police Officers, and active members of the United States Military.  Whether your company needs security professionals to safeguard your clients and assets, or you need investigative personnel to investigate improprieties, or you are a private citizen looking for assistance, we can customize a program for you.

Security Services

Whether you are looking for long-term security professionals, short-term replacements, coverage for single or multiple events, bodyguards, drivers, or escorts, we have the personnel to fill your needs.  We offer a variety of demographics, custom tailored to your event or situation: armed or unarmed guards; male or female; all ages; uniformed or undercover.  Our agents are specially trained above and beyond the requirements of the State of New Jersey, and most of them have Federal Security Clearances.

Security Planning and Strategy Development

Another service offered by our company is the development of plans and strategies designed to prepare, respond to, and recover from any situation.  In the aftermath of a situation gone terribly wrong, the first question usually asked by those who would second guess you is “how did you plan and did you follow it”.  To quote President Dwight Eisenhower, “a plan is nothing, planning is everything”.  What Ike meant by that is that a plan is worthless unless the plan has been 1) tested to identify its weaknesses and 2) created in a manner which provides for it to be changed accordingly during its implementation.  We create custom plans for your antiterrorism, evacuation, hurricane and other disaster preparedness, and school safety concerns.  Once the plan is created, we will be there for you to conduct tabletop exercises as well as manage full-scale drills.  When we are done with your plan, your agency will be prepared.

Security and Quality Assurance

Thank you for your continued interest in our company, the Rosell Group Security and Private Detective Associates.  My name is Rich Rosell and I am the owner of the company.  How do you know your personnel are following your policies and procedures?  Our security professionals are well skilled in providing quality assurance in a variety of situation.  If you are a corporation that is involved in serving food and beverages at a large sporting or entertainment event, we can make certain that your employees are following local and state laws regarding the delivery of alcoholic beverages.  We can also make certain your employees are not stealing money from you by failing to place funds in the cash register.  Our seasoned Private Investigators can “shop” your event, recording transactions on video, thereby safeguarding your assets.  We can also conduct random, or spot inventories of company assets.  Upon completion, our experienced Investigators will conduct interviews at your discretion and, if necessary, terminate the employment of an individual on your behalf.

Background Investigations

In today’s world, the word security is part of everyday life.  We can provide investigations into the backgrounds of prospective employees as well as current employees.  Your business needs to know the character of the person you are hiring.  Our staff has conducted background investigations for major Police and Fire agencies.  Are you a private citizen looking to hire a nanny or housekeeper?  Don’t let a stranger into your house without knowing their background.  We will not only conduct the background for you, we would be happy to conduct the interview.

Private Investigations

Our command staff is comprised of former New Jersey State Troopers, current and former Municipal Police Officers, and active members of the US Military.  We are disciplined, discreet, and relentless investigators.  If you are a corporation experiencing employee theft or fraud, an insurance company who suspects fraud in a slip and fall type case, an attorney looking for expert investigations to include expert testimony, or a private citizen with a personal issue, we can help.  Aside from our status in the law enforcement community, another fact that sets us aside from the rest is the fact that we will not take a retainer from you.  We will investigate your case, and take payment upon delivery of the outcome.

New Jersey Security Guard Training (SORA)

In addition to our many skill sets, we are a certified NJ SORA training company.  Our instructional staff is comprised of the best law enforcement professionals in the State of New Jersey.  We offer additional courses in homeland security, antiterrorism, and strategic planning for security professionals.  If your desire is to become an armed guard, we can provide you with the mandatory firearms training.  When you research SORA instructors, you will find that many of them gouge their clients.  Our prices are the lowest in the state, guaranteed.