Rich Rosell Biography


I am currently the Director of Public Safety

for the Town of Dover, Morris County, NJ

I lead and manage the Police, Fire, and Emergency

Management Departments.  I am also the Appropriate

Authority over the Police Department, and manage the

$4,000.000 public safety budget.  Additionally, I serve as the Public Safety Public

Information Officer, distributing all public information for the Police, Fire, and

Emergency Management Departments.


I am formerly the Director of Public Safety for the Township of Springfield, Union County, NJ.  I lead and manage the Police and Fire Departments, the Office of Emergency Management, and the armed Auxiliary Police.  The total number of personnel I currently supervise exceeds 100 sworn and civilian.  I also manage the $7,000,000 public safety budget.  I was hired in 2010 to bring order to a chaotic environment attributable to over two decades of neglect by the former police chief.  I inherited a police department that had no actionable Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), no Chief of Police, no command staff, and pitiable morale issues.  Worse was the public perception of the police.  In addition, I inherited a full-time, nineteen man fire department, with 20 year old SOPs and whose overtime bills exceeded $25,000 per month.  The township created the position of Public Safety Director with hopes of correcting the many problems, including recreating the police department.  I was fortunate enough to be appointed.  I was given a maximum of two years to accomplish the mission of restructuring the police and fire departments, solve the runaway overtime problem, while regaining public trust and support.  Since my appointment I have slashed overtime by a total of over seventy percent, hired a new Chief of Police, new Deputy Fire Chief, created new policies for both the police and fire departments, and created a transparent environment between the public and public safety by opening direct lines of communication not only with the civic leaders but individual citizens alike.  Morale is at its highest level in over 25 years, as is public perception.

I am also a retired, 27 year veteran of the New Jersey State Police.  I retired at the rank of Captain.  I was consistently used as a troubleshooter to correct dysfunctional units.  My resume will show a very diverse career, with vast operational, teaching, policy making, homeland security, management, and administrative experience.  One of my final assignments was as a Regional Commander in Field Operations, where I was responsible for the daily management and supervision of over 150 Troopers spread out in five different areas throughout Central New Jersey.  In the absence of the Troop Commander, I was responsible for the actions of over 300 Troopers and Detectives.  Troopers in my command provided complete police coverage to dozens of municipalities who do not have their own police departments.  While I have proven leadership and administrative experience, I am an exceptional operational leader, having commanded a 140 member task force deployed to post-Katrina New Orleans.  I was responsible for creating and implementing the first NJSP Strategic Planning process, the Management Accountability process (COMPSTAT), and the Risk Management process.  Our version of the COMPSTAT not only focused on reducing crime, but also on creating efficiency in the agency.  Millions of dollars in wasted overtime were identified as a result of the manner in which I structured our COMPSTAT.  I was also a key player in successfully implementing the provisions of the Federal Consent Decree.

In addition to my police experience, I have extensive experience as an adjunct professor for Seton Hall University and Fairleigh Dickinson University.  I currently teach rotating courses such as Introduction to Intelligence-Led Policing, All-Hazards Fusion Center Leadership, Intelligence Team Management, Organizational Change, Policy, Planning, Building Strategic Partnerships, and various Homeland Security courses, and have formerly taught courses such as Curriculum Development, Ethics, Leadership and Management, Personnel Administration, Performance Improvement Strategies, and Design and Evaluation of Human Resource Programs.  I have over 20 years experience as a police instructor and have created lessons and instructed on topics to include arrest, search and seizure, ethics, leadership, management, administration, personnel evaluations, homeland security, and intelligence.

Curriculum Vitae


Postgraduate:  Currently enrolled in Drew University’s Doctoral Program; Master’s Degree, Homeland Defense and Security, the Naval Postgraduate School, Center for Homeland Defense and Security

Graduate:  Master’s Degree, Human Resources Training and Development, Seton Hall University.

Undergraduate:  Bachelor’s Degree, Administration of Justice from Thomas Edison State College.


Graduate of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) National Academy.

Certificate- Leadership and Management

Certificate- Human Resources Training and Development

Certified Advanced Army Antiterrorism Officer

Certified Army Operations Security (OPSEC) Program Manager

Certified Army Strategic Planner


Director of Public Safety, Springfield (Union County), NJ

Director of Public SafetyDover (Morris County), NJ

Temporary Active Duty, New Jersey Army National Guard

Retired as of November 1, 2008 as a Captain in the New Jersey State Police.

Adjunct professor for Seton Hall University and Fairleigh Dickinson University.


I am currently the Director of Public Safety for the Town of Dover, Morris County, NJ.  I lead and manage the Police, Fire, and Emergency Management Departments.  I am also the Appropriate Authority over the Police Department and manage the $4,000,000 public safety budget.  I also fill the role of the Public Safety Public Information Officer, distributing all public information for the Police, Fire, and Emergency Management Departments.


Formerly employed as the Director of Public Safety for the Township of Springfield.  As the Director, I supervise and manage the Township’s 90-plus member Police and Fire Divisions as well as the Office of Emergency Management and the armed Auxiliary Police.  I also manage a budget in excess of seven (7) million dollars.

Troop “C” Regional Commander, responsible for the supervision of 150 troopers and detectives in three stations and two headquarters elements throughout the Central New Jersey area.  Supervised over 300 troopers and detectives in the absence of the Troop Commander.

Strategic Initiatives Officer, Office of the Superintendent.  Primary responsibilities included development and oversight of all strategic initiatives within the State Police, and as a policy advisor to the Superintendent.  Additional responsibilities included the implementation and management of the Management Accountability process, Strategic Planning process, and the Risk Management program. Implemented the Intelligence-led Policing model in Field Operations.  Also served on the working group that created the State all-hazards fusion center, also known as the Regional Operations Intelligence Center (ROIC).

Task Force Commander, New Jersey 140 member Law Enforcement Task Force deployed to New Orleans, Louisiana from September 26, 2005 through October 11, 2005.  Coordinated emergency management and law enforcement recovery operations, post-Katrina

Recovery Bureau Chief, Emergency Management Section.  Responsibilities included oversight of statewide emergency management and homeland security mitigation plans, training, and operations.

Deployment Services Bureau Chief, Special Operations Section, Homeland Security Branch.  Responsibilities include supervision and leadership of the Events Planning Unit, Infrastructure Security Unit, Incident Management Unit, and the Meadowlands Sports Complex Security Unit.

Additional prior duty assignments include Station Commander, S.W.A.T. Supervisor, Internal Affairs Staff Officer, Traffic Analyst, Traffic Grant Coordinator, Drug Interdiction Task Force Supervisor, and Undercover Operative. 

International Military Tactical Advisor, Albanian Armed Forces


Extensive experience teaching at the graduate level for Seton Hall University in their Human Resources Training and Development program, and Fairleigh Dickinson University in their Intelligence-Led Policing program.  Regarding the latter, responsibilities include creation of all course materials including lesson plans for the Strategic Planning for Intelligence-led Policing, Introduction to Intelligence-Led Policing, and Intelligence Team Management.  Extensive police and military training experience.   I also have international training experience.


Responsible for the creation and implementation of the New Jersey State Police Strategic Planning process, the refinement and implementation of the Management Accountability process (COMPSTAT), creation of the first Risk Management process, and the creation of a first draft of the New Jersey State Homeland Security Strategy.   Highly skilled in creating strategic initiatives designed to assure individual unit compliance and support to agency’s strategic policy.


Former U.S. Marine Corps reservist.  Currently enlisted in the N.J. Army National Guard as the 254th Regiment Quality Assurance NCOIC.  I am also assigned as the Regimental Antiterrorism Officer and OPSEC Program Manager.  Experienced in creating comprehensive risk assessments as well as the Regimental Hurricane Response Plan.  Current Secret Security Clearance.  I am preparing to retire within two months.


  • Strong command operational and administrative leadership experience
  • Broad experience in creating, improving, correcting, and implementing policy in a large law enforcement agency
  • Highly educated and experienced homeland security professional and antiterrorism officer
  • Responsible for the implementation of the Intelligence-Led Policing model for Field Operations the New Jersey State Police
  • Experienced strategic planner and strategy developer