Police and Fire Human Resource Management

Management Training and Consulting

We provide professional management training and consulting services to Police, Fire, and Emergency Management agencies. Our training consultants offer courses in such topics as supervision, management, and leadership training, operational and tactical training, strategic planning, emergency planning, continuity of operations planning, and antiterrorism planning. Our consultants can provide services as simple as command staff and chief executive mentoring, or as complex as complete restructuring of your Police, Fire, or Emergency Management departments. We can assist in the rewriting of your policies and procedures, as well as oversee their implementation. Our incident specific services can assist you with crime reduction, community policing, active shooter planning, internal affairs concerns, and resourcing. Our staff are experience troubleshooters that will turn your troubled agency completely around, making it a model for all to follow.

Management Training

Is your agency experiencing complaints from the public about skyrocketing overtime, increased response time to incidents, attitude of personnel during those calls, or poor morale? Quite often, it is a lack of management training that is to blame. If a manager has never been taught how to control overtime from a managerial perspective, he or she may never figure it out on their own. Let us assess your agency, and put in place policies and procedures designed to maximize efficiency while protecting your budget. Our policies will be customized to fit your needs, and be drafted by leaders who have proven themselves in various command positions. We will then mentor you command staff on the management of these policies.

Departmental Reconstruction

It is a sad truth, but many Police, Fire, and Emergency Management agencies in the country are ineffective. Ineffectiveness can come from neglect from politicians or chief executives, from morale issues, from improper or inadequate staffing, corruption, or a lack of planning. Our professionals can help your agency get back on track so that they may once again provide the best Public Safety service available. Our consultants can conduct an assessment of your needs, an immediately make recommendations that will turn your agency around promptly.

Let me ask you this question. If there was an active shooter in the high school in your jurisdiction right now, what is your written and tested plan for handling that emergency? If your answer is, “well, we don’t actually have a written and tested plan”, then you are not adequately prepared. Let us prepare you for the worst. Our policy developers can create operational and tactical training, strategic planning, emergency planning, continuity of operations planning, and antiterrorism planning to fit your needs. After we create the plans, we will test them by conducting table top exercises first, then full-scale drills. Don’t get caught unprepared. We can help.